"Empowerment is not about standing above others but lifting them up alongside you."

A journey is marked by a passionate commitment to youth leadership and advocacy, fueled by a vision for a more transparent and accountable society. With a family deeply ingrained in service—his mother, Anabelle, a Barangay Health Worker, and his father, Ernesto Jr., an OIC Chief Security Officer—Gabby's upbringing instilled in him a profound sense of community responsibility from an early age.

At just 22, Gabby holds the position of Area Coordinator for the Youth-led Network for the Right to Information project, a groundbreaking initiative funded by the European Union. In this role, he empowers young people to engage in governance, fostering transparency and accountability within the government. Simultaneously, Gabby serves as the Student Regent at Laguna University, overseeing the welfare of over 4,000 students, ensuring a student-centered learning environment that prioritizes empowerment and engagement.

Beyond his university commitments, Gabby is a relentless advocate for change. As an Affiliate at the International Association for Media Education, The ASEAN Network and a Public Servant, he continues to spearhead initiatives that drive social progress and community development. With a proactive approach and unwavering determination, Gabby embodies the spirit of youthful activism, inspiring others to join the fight for a brighter future.

In the Lopez household, service is a family affair. Alongside his siblings, James Patrick and Ana Margaret, who are also making waves in their respective fields, Gabby's commitment to social causes is deeply rooted in familial values. Together, they represent a new generation of leaders, poised to create meaningful change and leave a lasting legacy of empowerment and advocacy. Gabriel Matthew "Gabby" Lopez stands as a beacon of hope, proving that age is no barrier to making a difference and shaping a better tomorrow for all.